On Thursday 13 June, the ALS Netherlands Foundation will organise the Tour du ALS for the 12th time. Hundreds of walkers, runners and cyclists will conquer Mont Ventoux that day, with the goal of raising as much money as possible for the fight against ALS. On behalf of the Royal Navy, the Submarine Service cycling team will participate, with most of them going up the mountain not once but twice (Master route) or even three times (Malloot). By doing so, they hope to kick the currently incurable disease ALS out of the world

The submarine service cycle team consists of 13 men who together are a diverse representation of the OZB community: former crew members, now working inside and outside Defence, current submarine crew, and Programme Replacement Submarines. Verebus of course supports this sporty action and we are one of the team's shirt sponsors. On behalf of all Verebussers, we would like to wish the cyclists of team Submarine Service the best of luck. Go for it!

You can still contribute, so help team Onderzeedienst a little further along the way with a financial push! You can donate here.

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