Asset management

Effective asset management involves keeping costs under control while maintaining safety and functionality. This can be achieved by critically assessing the relevance of maintenance activities. Notably, around 80% of maintenance budgets are allocated to periodic maintenance, yet only 11% of malfunctions are age-related.

Our claim is that higher availability can be attained with a lower budget by implementing the reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) method. This approach entails a dynamic maintenance plan that reduces malfunctions and eliminates unnecessary maintenance. The outcome is optimal performance at the lowest possible cost over the asset's lifespan. While we do not perform maintenance ourselves, we assist in organising maintenance operations to maximise efficiency. reliability-centred maintenance-methode: een dynamisch onderhoudsplan dat storingen terugdringt en onnodig onderhoud elimineert. He resultaat is goede prestaties tegen zo laag mogelijke kosten gedurende zo lang mogelijke tijd. We voeren zelf geen onderhoud uit, maar helpen onderhoud zo efficiënt mogelijk in te richten.

Our asset management services