Verebus operates in various markets. Below is an overview of our key markets and clients.


Verebus has been involved in building and maintenance projects for the ministry of Defence for over seventy-five years, spanning across the Air Force, Army, and Navy, as well as supporting branches. We work both for the ministry of Defence and for international original equipment manufacturers (OEM), shipyards, integrators, maintenance and supply companies. Our focus is mainly on integrated logistics support (ILS) and technical information. With framework agreements with MatlogCo and the Maritime Systems department, we are a permanent strategic partner for Defence in this field of work. original equipment manufacturers (OEM), scheepswerven, integrators, onderhouds- en bevoorradingsbedrijven. Onze focus ligt voornamelijk op integrated logistics support (ILS) en technische informatie. Met raamovereenkomsten bij MatlogCo en afdeling Maritieme Systemen zijn wij op dit gebied een vaste strategische partner voor Defensie.

Maritime & offshore

We work for both the owners and manufacturers of assets and systems in the marine & offshore industry, such as pipelaying vessels, cranes, ship installations, and ships. Thanks to our services, systems and installations can be used safely, efficiently, and effectively. We are familiar with the various technical documentation standards imposed by entities such as Lloyd’s Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), or the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Voor onze klanten in de marine & offshore maken we technische documentatie die voldoet aan de richtlijnen van de Class. We maken technische documentatie compleet en doelmatig voor de gebruikers, zowel tekeningen als gebruiks- en onderhoudshandleidingen. We ontwikkelen trainingen en trainingstrajecten voor bedienaars.

We also consider the logistics and maintenance of systems. Good maintenance ensures that an asset can be used efficiently and safety can be guaranteed at all times.

Other markets

In addition to defence and marine & offshore, we also work for clients in various other market segments, such as:


We provide and maintain technical information for aircraft manufacturers and suppliers. They have the option to completely outsource aircraft maintenance documentation and publications to us. Operators/airlines can also contact us directly to incorporate modifications into manuals or produce proprietary documentation.

Public transport

At public transport companies, we are active in both technical information and asset management.


With our asset management services, we are also active in the field of infrastructure, such as water treatment plants, roads, public networks, bridges, and railways. Onze consultants geven inzicht in de staat van onderhoud, risico’s en kosten, en mogelijke optimalisaties.

Built environment

Within the built environment, we offer as-built services. This includes providing a process where drawings and documents can be updated and managed in an effective, structured, and controlled manner, both during the operational and the project phase.