Pieter op NCCC seminar
4 June 2024

The first annual NNCC (Northern Naval Capability Cooperation) seminar took place on 27 and 28 May. A special occasion where government, industry, industry associations and knowledge institutes from all six NCCC countries came together to discuss the future of NNCC. The seminar offered a diverse programme with keynotes, panel discussions, presentations, interactive sessions and break-out discussio

The first day focused on the guiding principles of NNCC: the importance of a strong national industry and the need for EU cooperation, and the apparent paradox between these two guidelines. The day focused on policy frameworks with inspiring keynotes and an engaging panel discussion. And the second day looked ahead to future focus areas such as critical underwater infrastructure protection (CUI), Naval AI, metadata interpretation, unmanned systems, IPS and nuclear propulsion. Plans for the Seabed Security Experimentation Centre were also discussed.

Verebus director Pieter van Breugel attended the seminar and was to bring the attendees up to date on ILS/IPS.

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