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ILS Academy

To sign up for the ILS Academy, please use the registration form.

Our ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) Academy offers training programmes aimed at ILS managers, supervisors and practitioners with an active role in the ILS process. The goal of our programmes is to offer insight into the processes, products and tasks involved in maintaining an asset or (weapon) system, for optimal availability at the lowest possible cost. The ILS process of a single system usually spans various decades: from specifying wishes and requirements, through design and realization to operation, maintenance and disposal.

When it comes to the management and organization of  data and information, Verebus has proved to be a trusted partner from the start. Look here to find out more about the ILS services we offer.


  • ILS Introduction
    For anyone wishing to know more about ILS, Verebus offers the one-day course ILS Introduction. This course explains the main phases, backgrounds and approaches of ILS, using a multitude of examples. To attend this course, you must have completed the other ILS courses.

  • ILS Advanced & ILS Advanced Plus
    For ILS managers and ILS engineers, Verebus offers the ILS Advanced course. This course covers all aspects of ILS and uses examples and assignments as illustrations to ensure that the subject matter is understood. The course spans two days and can also be extended into an ILS Advanced Plus course, which also discusses Life Cycle Management for multiple assets. The ILS Advanced Plus course spans 2.5 days. On the last day trainees can make their own contribution to the course.

  • ILS Operations
    Employees active in one or more phases of the ILS process can sign up to the ILS Operations course. This course focuses on ILS in the operation phase of a system. To explain the role of the employee in the ILS process and to enhance his awareness of ILS, the theory of this course is consolidated through a series of practical exercises. The course spans two days.

  • Skills
    Each course can be extended to include one or more Skills courses. In the ILS process, people from different disciplines work together. ILS is a team effort, which requires so-called soft skills. Examples of Skills courses are: collecting information, working together, planning and effective communication.

All courses are also offered as in-company training courses. In an in-company course, teaching material is tailored to the customer's wishes.

For more information, see the extensive Course overview 2017. The overview also gives details on the course data.

To sign up for one of the ILS courses or to receive more information, please complete the registration form.

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