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S1000D documentatie

Good user and maintenance documentation helps guarantee the optimal availability of your system. Using the ILS management method the documentation is entered into a database according to the ASD S1000D specification. Information can easily be exchanged and integrated if all suppliers work according to this specification. This exchange of information calls for consensus and guidelines between the different parties. These guidelines are listed in a  BREX (Business Rules for EXchange).

S1000D documentation consists of Data Modules (DM) which are combined into a publication, digital and/or hardcopy. Before writing the documentation, we will compose a DMRL (Data Module Requirements List) op. The DMRL lists the DMs to be created, and their codification.

Verebus has over 40 years of experience in developing Defence documentation. Our technical authors work together with our ILS specialists on S1000D compliant documentation. The DM and publications (such as IETP) are developed using our tool (ADAM) and delivered in XML format. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions about S1000D documentation.

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