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Other Markets

Besides Rail, Defence and Marine & Offshore, we work for clients in several other market segments, mainly in Energy, the Building and Aviation sector.


To effectively adapt to the changing energy market, it is a must to adopt multiple technologies, for instance smart grids, wind power and electrical mobility. But how do these technologies fit into the current energy infrastructure? And how can technological developments be applied to guarantee or even enhance reliability and safety?

An example of an energy project we are involved in is Handboeken Energiecentrales Uniper. For this project we write and maintain the operator manuals of the coal-fired power station on the Maasvlakte (Rotterdam area). 


We deliver as-built services in the building market. This involves implementing a process in which drawings and documents can be managed and maintained in an effective, structured and controlled way, in both the exploitation and the project phase.


We create and maintain the technical information for aircraft manufacturers and suppliers. They can fully outsource the production of Aircraft Maintenance Documentation and Publications to us. Operators and airlines can also call in Verebus to incorporate modifications into manuals or to write company pages.

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