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Supporter of Oxfam Novib

Verebus has been supporting Oxfam Novib's Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Network since March 2011.

Oxfam Novib is a world-wide development aid organisation that mobilizes people to fight poverty. The organisation works with partner organizations in countries most in need to provide funding and advice. Apart from investing in education and healthcare, Oxfam Novib helps people in developming countries to provide for their own living with savings-led micro-finance projects. With the contributions of Verebus, Oxfam Novib has been able to help more than 1000 entrepreneurs in developing countries to start their own business.

The video below gives an idea of Oxfam Novib's work. This video explains how women become small-scale entrepreneurs, which starts with borrowing a small amount of money. The money is spent, for instance, on fertilizer to make a piece of land more fertile. The women participating in the project can grow fruit or vegetables and with the money earned  they pay back the loan and interest. To better handle their money, the women learn how to do bookkeeping. This method enables many poor farmers to be self-supporting and escape poverty. With enough food, medical care and education for their children.

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