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Ready for TCWorld 2018!


Working on my presentation for TCWorld 2018 has been a journey of discovery. I chose my topic, the challenges of the review process, for two reasons. Firstly I am passionate about optimizing the documentation process. A good process helps create a schedule, control costs, coordinate teamwork and deliver consistent quality. The other reason for choosing this topic is simple; I believe it appeals to all technical writers.

While developing my presentation and writing the corresponding article, I had to "practice what you preach". This meant multiple colleagues and a native English speaker reviewed my article. The irony was not lost on them, as they were reviewing an article on reviewing. Luckily this made my reviewers more determined to do a good job. They took the time to give me constructive feedback.

The topic of my article was so appealing, that all my reviewers, however reluctant, got drawn into the subject matter. Even though I mainly asked for reviews on my writing style, grammar and the structure, none of my reviewers could resist the temptation to comment on the content.
My article describes the feedback frustrations when working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). My reviewers had many personal experiences with these challenges, making them SMEs on the feedback frustrations. The reviewers revealed their personal experiences with reviews. Proving to me that the feedback frustrations are a given in any documentation process.

This brings me to another challenge in the documentation process, finalizing your work. My reviewers shared their tips and solutions for a better review process, helping me enrich my presentation and article but also making me wander when the article would ever be done.
As the article and the presentation needed to be submitted, a line had to be drawn. This meant no longer adding new content and focusing on the style and structure (again). After a final review by myself two thoroughly reviewed documents where uploaded. I am looking forward to presenting at TCWorld 2018 and continuing the conversation on the review process. The presentation will be on Tuesday November 13th: Ready, Steady, Review

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